premium green tea

Greetings from Minakuchien

How did you like the tea served in the Japan Pavilion during the MIPIM Conference?

The Japanese green tea that you may have sampled is made from the finest premium tea leaves delicately handpicked from my tea gardens located at the base of beautiful Mount Fuji.

Established in 1872, Minakuchien has passed down its strict methods of tea leaf breeding, cultivation and manufacturing for four generations.

We believe drinking tea with one another is an integral part of Japanese culture as it creates a sense of "wa (和)" -- peace and harmony.

We at Minakuchien sincerely hope that our tea created a sense of tranquility and relaxation while you were in Cannes.

The 4th head of Minakuchien
Ryuta Minakuchi
Tea Meister
Shizuoka-pref, Japan
premium green tea
premium green tea
premium green tea